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Large Parrots

Several different types of large parrots are available, please choose from the menu below for a detailed list. 


  • Macaws are slender birds with long tapered tails; strong, heavy bills; and a bare facial patch.

  • Macaws require a large amount of space in a quality made cage or room with appropriate toys.

  • Provide frequent baths or showers.

  • Most of the large macaws are considered gentle birds, however all large macaws can be quite noisy.

  • All macaws are extremely intelligent that require a lot of stimulation.


  • Amazon parrots are stocky birds with rounded, short tails. 

  • Provide frequent water baths or showers to maintain normal skin/feather quality.

  • Amazon parrots can be noisy.

  • Amazons are generally good family pets with a reasonable temperament.

  • Amazons are typically extroverted birds that do not fixate on one person in the household. Social interaction is important for their well-being.


  • Cockatoos are medium to large-sized parrots with thick, heavy bills.

  • Cockatoos have an erectile crest that rises when the bird becomes stimulated.

  • Large cockatoos require tall, roomy cages that are strong and securely welded with adequate door and feeder locks.

  • Provide frequent water baths or showers to maintain normal skin/feather quality and to manage the large amounts of powder dust produced by many cockatoo.

  • Cockatoos are very social and sensitive. 

African Grey & Eclectus


​African Grey

  • The grey is a medium-sized parrot with a bare facial patch.

  • Grey parrots produce a lot of powder down. Offer daily baths or showers.

  • Grey parrots are very intelligent birds. They are often able to mimic many sounds and talk.

  • These intelligent birds require plenty of physical and mental stimulation.



  • For many years, biologists believed these birds to be two different species. The male is mainly green, while the female is a bright, ruby red.

  • Eclectus parrots need plenty of room to play and climb so bigger is much better.

  • Highly intelligent, relatively quiet birds.

  • Female Eclectus is assertive so these birds are only recommended for experienced companion parrot owners. Males can sometimes be more timid.

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African Grey & Eclectus
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