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Blessing's Gourmet Blend Lory Powder

Blessing's Gourmet Blend Lory Powder

Blessing's Powder 'Gourmet Blend' provides a balanced diet of nutritional human grade ingredients blended to maintain the best health for your lory.  It is low in iron and mimics your bird's natural diet.  Our lory powder is based on the latest research and used by zoo keepers, vets and many top lory breeders around the world.
For easy conversion mix half of Blessing' Lory Powder with half of the original food to familiarize your bird and ease the transition. Do not just feed the new powder. Lories are the most sensitive birds to taste due to their brush tongues. Mix half original and half new or you can mix our product with equal amounts of sugar. Our powder is very different tasting. It does NOT taste like blueberry candy!! We have the same amount of dextrose and blueberry, as the product you were using, however we have other nutritious ingredients that will change the taste. They will learn to prefer our product and clean the bowl. We are having too great of results from our formula and do not want to change anything! Realize that candy is not a diet for you or your pets. Blessing's Lory Powder can be used for all baby, adult, reproducing,& non-reproducing lories, lorikeets, hanging parrots, fig parrots, all soft bills, and other nectar eating pet birds. It is also a great additive for Caique hand feeding formulas and makes birdie bread recipes more nutritious.
  • Details

    Feeding directions for Blessing's Lory Powder served dry in a bowl next to a bowl of fresh water. Please make sure to change powder daily. Feed what they will eat in a day. We have a species chart on our website.

    Storage Instruction: Blessing's Lory Powder store in a cool, dry place free of bugs. Freeze rather than refrigerate to prolong freshness.

    Ingredients:3 different types of natural flours, Soy Protein Isolate, Sea Weed Supplements, 11 different low iron and low vitamin C dried fruits, 14 different dried vegetables with low iron and low vitamin A. Spices for a healthy liver added. Proprietary Blend of Necessary Vitamins, Trace Minerals, and Essential Amino Acids for Color and maximum reproduction. We are looking for results 10 years down the road, not just tomorrow.

    Analysis for Blessing's Lory Powder 'Gourmet Blend'
    Per one Cup Serving:
    Calories........... 380
    Crude Fat.......... 2.19%
    Carbs.............. 32.47%
    Ash................ 1.08%
    Iron............... 26 ppm
    Crude Protein...... 14.9%
    Vitamin A.......... 1694 iu/14.9%
    Moisture........... 6.24%

    *Analysis provided by Midwest Laboratories
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