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The Bird Shop was founded on St. Patrick's Day, 1979, as an independent, family-operated, specialty bird store. We take pride in keeping up with the latest information to improve the life of your bird. 

Tiffany Latino, and her mother, Sharon Garsee, are

certified Avian Specialists, and proud members of:


The Bird Shop has been MAP (Model Aviculture Program) certified and dedicated to providing healthy, well-adjusted pet birds and ethical business practices.


We proudly support the

as well as many other organizations with the bird's interest at heart.


Welcome to The Bird Shop!

With three generations of the family's participation, the store stands out in the community as a great place to shop. You can trust the staff to provide dependable information on both pet and breeding birds. We offer bird grooming, and a separate facility for bird boarding.

The 3,000 square feet of retail space helps to ensure a well-stocked store. Our vast amount of merchandise is among the best available in the pet industry.


Long before the importation of birds was discontinued, we specialized in hand-fed domestically raised baby birds. That practice continues today. During the spring and summer, the baby bird nursery is open for you to see and enjoy the babies grow. 

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