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The Bird Shop - In the News

The Bird Shop's 36th Anniversary

By Cambi Brown

March 14, 2015

CBS GoodDay


 Cambi Brown is at a local bird shop, and they're celebrating their 36th Anniversary with a party and great sales.

Link to the CBS News Video below.


The Bird Shop's 35th Anniversary

By Tina Macuha

March 15, 2014

CBS GoodDay


This morning, we're celebrating 35 years of feathers! Tina Macuha joins us from The Bird Shop for its big anniversary!

Link to the CBS News Video below.

Small Business Saturday catching on as enticement to shop local

By Claudia Buck

November 25, 2013

Sacramento Bee


Amid the chirping, twittering and fluttering, The Bird Shop in Sacramento, Calif., has all the sounds of a bustling holiday season. From her perch amid dozens of chattering parrots, parakeets, cockatiels and canaries, third-generation owner Tiffany Latino is counting on strong sales in the weeks ahead.

And there's one day she's particularly zeroed in on: this weekend's Small Business Saturday, a nationwide event to encourage holiday shoppers to spend some dollars at local, independent businesses....

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