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In-Store Services

The Bird Shop offers both clipping and boarding services. Please read over the information below.

Clipping (by appointment only)
Wings  Nails 

Small Bird                  $2       $3   


Med. Bird                   $3        $5


Large Bird                  $5        $5




DNA                            $30.00

Boarding (by reservation only)


You will be charged for each day your bird is here regardless of the time dropped off or picked up. The maximum length of stay is 30 Days. We do not accept any birds on medication or any birds still being handfed.
You may reserve one of our cages or bring your own, depending on size. Please remember to bring toys so your bird will have something t
o do. We do not get birds out and handle them, but we do go by and talk to each one several times a day.

We provide food for your bird, unless it's on a special diet that we do not carry in bulk. We make soft food (fruit, vegetable, beans, rice, pasta etc,) everday for all
of the birds. Cages are cleaned daily and water dishes are soaked in bleach water. We have staff on the premise appx. 12 hours a day except holidays. Holiday schedule consists of morning and evening feeding and inspection.

We ask that you leave us an emergency number for yourself or someone local. This is so we can contact you if there is any kind of a problem. We have you sign a form authorizing us to take your bird to the veterinarian in the event of a medical emergency. You will be responsible for any health prob
lems that arise while in our care, or after you take them home.

Boarding Drop Off & Pick Up Times

        7 Days a week            

10:00-12:00 & 2:00-4:45


All birds will be inspected by one of our staff upon arrival. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any bird displaying questionable health status.


$ 12.00 per day per cage for small birds (Finch-Conure)
$ 14.00 per day per cage for medium birds (Amazon-Small Cockatoo & Lories)
$ 16.00 per day per cage for large birds (Large Cockatoo-Macaw)


10% off for multiple cages.


Boarding Registration

Please print and fill out the following form to accompany you with your scheduled drop off. Please call (916) 338-0505 in advance and speak with a staff member to schedule an arrival.

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