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Tea 4 Beaks Avian Detox 2oz

Tea 4 Beaks Avian Detox 2oz

Black tea, (decaf), Hibiscus, Rose, Rose hips, Dandelion leaf, Milk thistle seed.  Black tea possesses antioxidants that promote healthy blood flow and other ingredients help to support organ function, namely organs that filter like liver and kidneys.  Made in USA
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    Brewing Hints:
    -Use hot, not boiling water to make tea.
    -Always begin with 1 teaspoon of tea 8-10 ounces of hot water. Increase or dilute to bird's preference.
    -Let the tea cool completely before offering it to your birds.
    -Remove tea bags or strainers before serving.
    -If your bird is suspicious, steep tea for a shorter period (make tea more dilute).
    -Substitute tea for water when making beans, pasta, rice, etc. or when baking.
    -Use topically in spray bottle (avoid spoilage).
    -Never completely replace water with tea!
    Refrigerate any unused portion.
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